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Getting teachers the access they need.


The MMA/MSA (Manage my Access/Manage Staff Access) application is an NSW DoE internal management application for granting teacher and administration access to essential programs and services within the school system.

In many occasions, teachers will take on roles outside their duties within the classroom. These can include overseeing enrolments, budget planning, administering standardised tests and organising extracurricular activities. These responsibilities are paired with internal backend applications.

MMA/MSA is a refresh of an existing, much older and inflexible system. This refresh brought MMA/MSA up to modern design standards, with new features and improved operations in onboarding new teachers and administrative staff, and empowering the staffs' ability to delegate their duties at the school.



Double Diamond

  • Stakeholder management and presentations

  • Feedback gathering via group interview and processing insights

  • Remote usability testing

  • Co-design workshops


  • Wireframing anPrototyping of all visual assets

  • Developer liason and support

  • Design review

  • Design system implementation

  • Accessibility review feedback implementation

Figma prototype

Identified issues

Through Zoom-conducted focus groups. Issues with the existing MMA/MSA program were identified:

  • The current environment operated too slowly and visually was very outdated.

  • Teachers had no way of removing old staff from the system.

  • The system could only be accessed by Administration staff. Casual teachers could begin their workday without being on-boarded.

  • There was no easy way to delegate responsibilities to other staff members. Often, Principals would share their login details with a staff member to conduct agreed duties.

"I have staff listed on there that passed away 10 years ago. I have no way of removing them!"

- Group participant

Enter the Application design system!


An internal design system based on Google's Material Design, the Application Design System (ADS) is powered by Vuetify (Vue.js) and was deployed to the project.

As a standardised system, the ADS was instrumental in bringing the application under a single creative vision. With reusable components on a unified backend, builds of MMA/MSA could be quickly deployed by the development team and bugs identified and isolated with ease by testers.

The Result

MMA/MSA was deployed and Live during my time at NSW Education.


The results from testing were universally positive and schools offered a favourable reception to the update. Highlights from feedback included the ADS aesthetic and ease of use, as well as praise for the new features of teacher requested application access as well as easy appointment and removal of delegates (from assigned duties) or former staff members.

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