NSW Education

Senior Product Designer

Senior designer attached to the UI Design team, member of the Teaching and Learning experience business unit. This unit's responsibilities were wide-reaching and innovative, operating on an agency framework within the Department of Education and responsible for spreading best UI and UX design practices throughout the department. Personal duties as part of this team include:


  • Creation of front end UI designs, prototypes and interaction flows. Version control of visual designs and point-of-contact for Figma design environment.

  • Consultation and alignment with development staff.

  • User research and presentation. Done via Zoom meetings during COVID-19.

  • Interpretation of business requirements and user stories into functional design solutions

  • Contribution to the Application Design System (ADS) - the internal design framework used throughout projects.

  • Contributing to ADS documentation, for use by other business units.

  • Presentation of prototypes and front end designs to users and stakeholders.

  • Justification and "sparring" sessions with the internal design team. Defending UI decisions, encouraging knowledge transfer and promoting best practices between designers.

  • Subject matter expert and visual design consultant on project teams.

  • Balancing business requirements with user needs.


The following are examples of UI designs produced during my time at NSW Department of Education. Prototypes are also available.

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