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Service Victoria

COVID19 check-in, public facing transactions and design systems


A household name after the COVID19 pandemic, Service Victoria (SV) is the public facing organisation of the state government of Victoria, under the Department of Human Services.

I joined Service Victoria during the COVID19 pandemic and the Victorian lockdowns of 2021 as part of their intital expansion of the design team, commencing initially as a contractor intended to support design efforts in accordance with state government objectives during the infections spread.

Alongside my colleagues, I was involved in design efforts related to COVID exposure tracking, border control and travel restriction permits, vaccination status permits and the overall rapid ascension of the Service Victoria mobile app from a relatively unused tool, into an essential platform and spearhead enabling the state government to provide better digital services to the Victorian public.

ATOM Design system


I had responsibilities related to the ATOM Design System at Service Victoria, which includes ATOM Web and ATOM Mobile. My duties were:

  • Conducting a UI asset audit and consolidating various design files and assets.

  • Creating the ATOM Design System for the mobile application and overseeing its refinement and implementation in future transactions.

  • Building reusable and effective components for ATOM Mobile and ATOM Web to streamline designer onboarding.

  • Addressing bugs and improving component behavior.

  • Gathering feedback and incorporating new assets into the design system as needs emerged.

  • Enhancing existing components based on requirements.

  • Advocating best practices for design system structure and usage to management, colleagues, and executives.

Transaction development

During my time at Service Victoria, I focused on external public transactions and exploratory initiatives for mobile and web. Here are the projects I worked on:

  • Get Active Kids program

  • Working With Children Check digital wallet implementation

  • Offline forms and standardized templates

  • Whole of Vic Government Appointment Booking Service

  • Service Victoria App Notification service

My main responsibilities included:

  • Managing the Figma design workspace

  • Creating wireframes and prototypes

  • Presenting design assets to stakeholders

  • Balancing design decisions with business and legal requirements

  • Facilitating co-design workshops with internal staff and partners

  • Conducting discovery and whiteboarding sessions with stakeholders

  • Supporting UX research activities

  • Advocating for customer experience

  • Providing post-release support, design reviews, and general ad-hoc design assistance

Example - Get Active Kids

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