Senior Product Designer

As part of the MyAccount product team, I was responsible for overseeing visual and interactive design for the MyAccount product of Service NSW, while championing User centered design in a SCRUM/Lean Agile environment. Duties included:


  • Conceptualisation of interaction, flows, wireframes and OOUX

  • User research and testing, both onsite and externally

  • Research synthesis and drawing of conclusions therein

  • Presentation of findings and proposed/in development features to Stakeholders and the company at large, external agencies and C-level personnel

  • Prototyping, version control of visual designs

  • Alignment meetings with developers and stakeholders as visual/interactive design subject matter expert

  • Balancing business requirements with user needs


The following are examples of UI designs and prototypes produced during my time at Service NSW.

SNTR_Eligibility_A 6.0 Toll dashboard_El