Shaped By Design

Design Student

The LEAP initiative of Victoria​, a government initiative to encourage secondary school students to pursue careers in Law, Medicine, Design and Engineering, held the beleif that secondary school students are intentionally avoiding careers in the previously mentioned areas due to a lack of information on their value and variety in everyday life.


To combat this, LEAP Victoria approached Swinburne University with a problem: How can we encourage and inform secondary students on the value and variety of LMDE careers?


Shaped By Design is a lovingly designed website intended to gauge a students interest in various design-focused career options, including Interior, Communication, Digital and Industrial, show them a snapshot of a working professional in one of these areas and then provide them with tertiary course information local to Victoria so that they may take the first steps to realizing this for themselves.


This is a pitch proposal to the LEAP initiative, as the digital design subject matter expert my responsibilities included:


  • First hand research collected from Secondary School students in Victoria, processing feedback and informing designs

  • Consultation on digital UX/UI for websites.

  • Brainstorming of interactive elements and features.

  • Production of animated pitch material, shown below: