The Learning Hook

Contract visual designer

I have had multiple engagements on a contract basis with The Learning Hook, a Melbourne based e-learning company, to produce graphics and artwork intended to be used as visual aids and course material for online learning platforms.

Working in close association with world-renowned Australian education institutions, My duties during engagements were as follows:

  • Client brief interpretation.

  • Adapting style guide rules, keeping a consistent look and feel throughout a particular course under advisement from clients.

  • Participate in and soliciting feedback from stakeholders on art direction and proper application of provided style guides

  • Implementing feedback on visual assets and submitting them for further review as needed.

  • Final processing of artwork for implementation into web-based learning platforms.

  • All work was done remotely via Slack, email and video conferencing; keeping all parties up to date on current progress and communicating relevant issues.

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